Government Relations

We have a large, well established network in the realm of public policy. Our government relations team works to find solutions to problems affecting our industry before the legislature and regulatory bodies. We have a full-time registered lobbyist in Olympia to advocate on our behalf.

The Retro Program

The WANS Return on Industrial Insurance (R.O.I.I.) program provides member companies with several important advantages.

A refund to member companies if the group’s premiums exceed their losses:
With over 27 years of experience, member companies have received a 25% average refund on Labor and Industries (L&I) workers’ compensation premiums.

Solid protection from elected risk:
WANS’ enrollment criteria ensures maximum group performance.

For more information on the R.O.I.I. Select programs contact WANS Executive Director Larry Steward.

Expert, in-house claims staff who act as your advocates:
Our professional claims specialists watchdog each injury claim, working to close claims quickly and efficiently. The WANS Claims staff also offers Claims Corner articles which provide tips and suggestions on ways to save on your L&I workers’ compensation premiums.